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NCC DRC launches Mentorship Programme on ADR

Abuja Chamber of Commerce Dispute Resolution Centre (ACCI-DRC) today launched a mentorship programme on ADR to enable Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) enthusiasts (mentee) to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during ADR trainings practically to resolve disputes.
Centre during the six weeks programme will assign mentees to mentors to understudy the mentor’s activities for such period.
The Chairman Governing Council of ACCI-DRC, Chief Emeka Obegolu at the launch of the programme stated that the mentorship programme will upskill participants and give them the needed practical experience to navigate their career paths in ADR.

“Indeed, the Mentorship Programme will equip the mentees with the necessary abilities to cope with related demands and create an environment where they are free to practice and demonstrate their newly learnt skills.”
Chief Obegolu also said the goal of the mentorship program is that, by the time the mentee has finally gained requisite skills as an Arbitrator, Mediator or Tribunal Registrar as the case may be, he or she will have a practical understanding of the application of ADR mechanisms and the operations of ACCI-DRC, including how claims are made, how awards and rulings are processed and published and how matters are allocated to Neutrals.
“These mentees will also continue to strive to help ACCI-DRC meet its performance and efficiency goals.”
He lauded the DRC Team for coming up with this initiative and tailoring the program in such a way that the six weeks allocated to the program is fully packed with activities in order to meet the expected goals.
The Registrar General, ACCI-DRC Aisha Ado Abdullahi pointed out that the Centre’s doors are open for the mentees to come in, explore and understand how things work, adding that in the near future, the mentees would have an opportunity to be called or nominated to serve in different capacities.

She also informed the participants that at the end of the programme, along with other incentives, there would be an award for the best mentee through the support of their partners.
The DRC registrar, Chidimma Onyiaorah in her closing remarks stated that the programme is a great feat dear to her heart, while appreciating the partners that made the programme a success.
“For the mentors, we appreciate them for volunteering to train the mentees. The mentees, we are going to give you time to practicalise what you have learnt.”
This Mentorship programme will be the pioneer in a series, the next batch will be set to commence very soon.

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