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DRC Secretariat. Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KM8, Umaru Musa Yar’adua Express-way, Airport Road, Abuja
Phone: +2348061980533

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DRC Secretariat.
Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KM8, Umaru Musa Yar’adua Expressway, Airport Road, Abuja.

Phone: +2348061980533

Opening hours / Monday – Friday / 9AM – 5PM

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DRC offers memberships to corporate houses, business groups, law firms, professional organizations, professionals, and individuals.

The Governing Council shall establish the Expert Committee, the Users Committee, and such other Committees as may be determined by the Council to enhance the quality of service and professionalism in the DRC

Members shall be eligible for concessions and or priorities to attend seminars, conferences and training programs, workshops organized by DRC and associated institutions. Corporate Members may extend such concessions to not more than three (3) of their nominated representatives.

Members shall be eligible for special discounted rates for Arbitration, Mediation, and other services.

DRC shall endeavor to bring to members the latest legal news regarding ADR through its news magazines/periodicals.

Members shall be entitled to a membership badge “Member of the National Chamber of Commerce Dispute Resolution Centre” to be placed on their website.


Shall mean and include any person who is not a minor or any organization, institution, corporate, or association and who is accepted by the Governing Council as a Member. The Panel is composed of highly regarded Arbitrators, Mediators, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) experts from around the world, we welcome applications to the Panel from experts in the ADR field.

Methods for Appointment: 1. By Invitation:

Qualifications for Invitation:

  • Interested person(s) must have garnered a reputation in the field of domestic and/or international arbitration and must be recognized leaders in the field.
  • Person(s) must be approved by at least 3⁄4 members of the NCC DRC governing Council.
  • Person(s) must be of recognized expertise in the field. 2. By ApplicationQualifications for Application:Applicants for membership on the NCC-DRC Panel of Neutrals, Arbitrators, and Mediators must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Education and Training:

  • Applicant must be 25 years or above.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of professional experience.
  • Educational qualifications relevant to your field of expertise.
  • Evidence of training from a reputable ADR organization.
  • Membership of an established professional organization.Neutrality:
  • Independence and Impartiality.
  • “Judicial” Capacity:
  • Ability to manage the hearing process and evaluate testimony and evidence.Reputation:
  • Good character.
  • Peer recognition and respect.
  • Dedicated to upholding the NCC-DRC Code of Ethics and Standards of Conductfor Arbitrators and Mediators.Availability and Commitment to ADR Process:
  • Willingness to devote time and effort when selected to serve.
  • Willingness to participate in continuing educational programs.
  • Supporting Documents:
  • Submission of curriculum vitae with experience in dispute resolution adequatelydetailed.
  • Two reference letters.
  • Two passport photographs

Please note that applications will be considered by the NCC-DRC Governing Council quarterly. Consideration of application is at the absolute discretion of the DRC Governing Council

All NCC DRC Neutrals must be members of the NCC DRC and are required to renew membership fees annually.

Reciprocal Member of Neutral:

Reciprocal Member shall mean and include reputed organizations or institutions, including, but not limited to Chambers of Commerce, Trade organizations, Bar Associations, Professional Associations, which offer membership to DRC on reciprocal arrangement accepting Membership of DRC. The membership shall be valid as long as the reciprocal arrangement lasts.


Shall mean persons of the highest quality of character and integrity and who have achieved a very high level of training in Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and other forms of ADR and who have been so appointed by the General Council of DRC and who shall be either a present or retired Judge or Justice of a Superior Court of Record in Nigeria or in any Common Law country, or persons who have attained the highest level in their profession, vocation or calling.




The application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form to the

The Governing Council takes decisions on behalf of the Centre. The Chairman of the Centre serves as the Chairman of the Governing Council

Governing Council. The decision of the Council on any Application shall be final.

The DRC Member on the requirement of the utilization of DRC services shall utilize the same in accordance with the Rules made by the DRC

DRC members agree that any referable dispute with any of the other DRC member(s) shall be referred to the DRC unless there are obvious conflicts of interest.

DRC member agrees that they will not try to influence the DRC arbitrators/ mediators or the DRC staff to secure their personal gain.



Unless otherwise decided by the General Council, Membership of the Panel of Neutrals is for life.

Membership of Governing Council shall be for a term of three years, which may be renewed for two more terms of three years each subject to vacancies and approval of Council.

The Chairman of the Governing Council shall be designated from among ranking members, by consensus or by a simple majority vote in the Council and he shall serve for a single five-year term and no more.

The Director-General of the DRC shall be Secretary of Council


The General Council shall meet, at least in every quarter of the year either in a

designated place or online as the circumstances may dictate and as may be directed by the Chairman.